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Bar, restaurant & entertainment venue extention and refurbishment

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Over the last 12 months Longbeach Leisure Park has invested in a fruitful renovation project.

The rear aspect of 'the Barn' pub and entertainment venue has been extended, a new stage, dressing rooms, restaurant and play area have been created; the interior is undergoing a charming refurbishment, and further work on the extension project to the front aspect recently began. The old bar will shortly be removed and a new longer bar will be installed along with the remainder of the wood flooring.

A variety of meals are now being served in the Barn and our carveries are hugely popular!

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  1. Jean hudson

    There had been an increase in the number of dogs going into the barn recently. My husband refuses to go in anymore as groups are congregating there and close to the carvery. The dogs were letting of wind that made us feel sick and they smelt of wet dog. Children run around in there also. How long before one gets bitten because they don?t see the dog laying on the floor. We used to have meals in the barn every time we visited the site but no more. Friends around us feel the same. Restaurants and bars are for people not dogs Please do something about it didn?t realise that the increase in rates that we faced last year was going to build a luxury dog kennel. People are of the opinion that the conservatory that has been built is where dogs will be allowed

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  2. Cath

    We went this Sunday and the meal was delicious, the people were very friendly and the venue is spotless. We will definitely be coming back.

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  3. Mark Andrew

    The refurbishment is looking superb, matched with excellent friendly staff, great choice of drinks & wines along with a superb carvery cooked and served by Chef Terry 100%

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  4. Hannah Peachey

    Brilliant Sunday lunch with all the trimmings, great portion sizes with reasonable prices. Yum yum will definitely be back for more!

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  5. Russell

    Hi. Great to see the work being done on the Barn. Are dogs now allowed inside? This would be a great addition given number of dog owners on site.

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